Effortless Living

Meditation & Breathwork.

A little about myself - Since I was young, I have always had a curiosity about this 'meditation' thing. But it wasn't until some rather dark years battling with myself, the off license's best offers and basically life in general, that I was finally curious enough to commit to a daily Vedic meditation practice.  My head had been a furiously fast and chaotic place to live, and quite quickly, after practicing meditation twice a day, I had far more clarity, and a vastly heightened awareness, that enables me to cope with the ups and downs of life and the accompanying thoughts and emotions we all experience as human beings.  This turned my life into a mostly enjoyable experience, instead of a chore, and I knew I wanted to share this simple technique and help others to experience a more relaxed and connected state of being.

Effortless Living Meditation & Breathwork is a learning and practicing community, offering separate courses in meditation and breathwork, but each is included in some degree in both individual courses. This is due to Effortless Living's belief, that a regular practice of both disciplines practiced simultaneously is needed for quicker, more effective change in today's hectic world.

Although I am the sole teacher/facilitator at Effortless Living, we practice together regularly (if you wish to) and remain in contact to learn and teach each other, through our ever changing and growing experiences as a community.  We all share the same ultimate 'guru', which is our innate intelligence, accessed and shared through regular practice, communication and a big sense of humour...


Learn the 1 Giant Mind Being meditation technique. Online and in-person courses available. We also combine a specifically updated ancient pranayama breathing technique to our meditation technique, for faster, more effective change.


The breathwork technique we specialize in as a class/session, is conscious connected breathing, also known as cyclical breathing. But we also have many years experience, practicing many different pranayama techniques, and share these techniques and knowledge throughout both our breathwork class and meditation classes. I am certified to teach/facilitate this technique, after training with world renowned breathwork teacher Jon Paul Crimi. We offer online, in-person and group breathwork classes/sessions.

  • London, England, United Kingdom